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Caring For Your Smile

We are glad you have chosen us for your oral health services and hope that every encounter with our dentist Brisbane professionals and staff exceeds your expectations.


We know our patients have a choice in Brisbane dentist clinics, so we go out of our way to deliver the level of dental care and compassion we would want for our own families.


If you live on north Brisbane and need a local Toombul, Clayfield or Nundah dentist - make an appointment today!



Toombul Smile Family Dentistry

The Dentist Brisbane ProfessionalsTwo female patients showing their smiles outisde our dentist Brisbane practice.

Lets face it, teeth are one of the first things that people notice about each other. So it is imperative that you look after those pearly whites!


That is why you should let the professional and friendly team of Brisbane dentists at Toombul Smiles take care of you. We go out of our way to deliver smiles that exceed our patient?s expectations. 


At Toombul Smiles Family Dentistry, we have extensive experience in dealing with anxious and dental phobic patients. Our aim is to provide a stress free and calming experience so that you can feel at ease.


Our Brisbane dentists strive to deliver the level of dental care and compassion we would want for our own families.



Providing Full Dentist North Brisbane Services - 


Your Toombul, Clayfield & Nundah Dentist Practice

For The Whole Family!


Toombul Smiles Family Dentistry offers complete oral health at great prices for the whole family, in a convenient location for all of Brisbane's northern suburbs.


We strive to be your professional Dentist North Brisbane practice, who are available to assist those requiring a local dentist. As we are located in Toombul Shopping Centre, if you do require a Nundah dentist, or are in Clayfield, North Lakes, Chermside or other surrounding suburbs, we would love to be able to assist you with all your dental needs.


Family visiting our dentist north Brisbane clinic.Professional Oral Health Services

We offer a full range of dental procedures and services, with a priority on patient comfort.


To make you feel at easy we have implemented multiple pain management techniques to prevent treatment discomfort and minimise dental anxiety. We do everything that we can to facilitate a relaxing office environment that every patient will be comfortable to return to again.


You will also be pleasantly surprised to find our dentist Brisbane office to be equipped with amenities designed to make your experience more friendly and enjoyable.


 From a comfortable waiting area to relaxing treatment rooms, every detail has been designed with our patient?s satisfaction in mind. Make an enquiry with us today to find out more about our clinic and the treatments we offer. 


Why Toombul Smiles Family Dentistry Should Be Your Dentist Brisbane Choice

For one, we make you feel like you are a part of the family. We also love to make sure you are comfortable and Toombul Smiles provides this with the types of amenities you would expect from the premier Brisbane dental practices. 


Toombul Smiles Family Dentistry believes that our patients deserve only the best, and our staff work hard to deliver a superior experience at every visit. We would love to hear any feedback that you may have that will improve our services for the future.


Making An Appointment

Making an appointment for dentist Brisbane services has never been easier. Toombul Smiles Family Dentistry are open Monday to Friday 8:00am to 7:00pm and Saturday from 7:30am to 4:00pm. By appointment, we also offer emergency afterhours services until 9pm. We are also conveniently located in the Centro Toombul shopping centre with ample free parking.


Make an appointment with us today and create the smile you've always wanted.


Oral Health Services & Procedures

Toombul Smiles offers preventative dentistry that can help prevent any unnecessary pain and cost. Getting to the issue sooner rather than later helps maintain good oral health. However, this isn?t always an option and that is why we offer a large variety of services.


Teeth cleaning tools our dentist Nundah clinic uses on patients.

Check up and Clean

We believe in providing dentist Brisbane procedures with due care and experience, because after all, a great smile should be within reach. Toombul Smiles offers a great price for a check up, clean, polish and fluoride treatment. So there should be no excuse not to come see our Brisbane dentists.


A check up and clean is a great way to assess the state of your teeth. It is also recommend to visit a Brisbane dentist if you are suffering from bad breath or bleeding gums. A quick clean can clear up those nasty problems in less than 30 minutes.


Tooth Coloured Fillings and Extraction

Here at Toombul Smiles we use composite resin fillings. They are white fillings that are made to match the colour of teeth to make them less visible, offer a stronger seal and require less tooth removal. We are a completely metal and amalgam free dentist Brisbane practice.


In cases where the tooth is unable to have a filling due to it being badly broken, unrepairable or infected, extractions may be your only option. However, an extraction procedure will often leave a gap and can cause a loss of function or affect your personal appearance. That?s why Toombul Smiles recommends replacing a missing tooth with a partial or full denture, bridge or implant.



Root Canals

The purpose of a root canal is to save your tooth, as it is stronger than any artificial replacement. When your tooth becomes infected due to decay or trauma or if you suffered an injury, a root canal treatment helps save the tooth.


The procedure usually requires multiple visits to ensure that all of the infection is treated. At each session we clean and remove the infected pulp, and place a temporary filling to protect it until the next visit. Once all of the damage has been removed we recommend that a permanent filling or an artificial crown be introduced as a root treated tooth is at an increased risk of fracture. 


Crown and BridgeOur client showing new dental braces from our Clayfield dentist office.

When a tooth is severely damaged and a filling is unable to be placed, a crown may be used to restore the entire tooth structure. This is when a cap is fitted over an existing single tooth to protect it from further damage, as a decayed tooth is very fragile.


A bridge is used to replace one or more missing teeth, closing any gaps for better function and personal appearance. This is done by using your natural teeth to secure an artificial tooth. Giving it the name bridge


Crowns and bridges can be made of metal, porcelain or metal fused porcelain. However, the end result is always as close to your natural tooth colour as possible making it difficult for anyone to notice your dental work.


Child Dental Benefit Schedule

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule is an Australian Government initiative that will provide funded benefits for general dental service for children. The treatments that the Australian Government includes are basic dental services, such as check-ups, x-rays, fillings and extractions.


Please be aware that an eligibility test must be met and that a cap of $1,000 per child over a period of two years applies.


Please contact Toombul Smiles Family Dentistry to enquire about this Bulk Billed service.


Health Funds & Corporate Clients

Toombul Smiles welcomes members of all health funds including Medibank Private, NIB, HCF, Bupa, AHM, and Australian Unity. Access to HICAPS terminals are offered for on the spot claims for participating health funds.


Your private health fund will help you offset the costs of general and preventative dental care so that you can maintain your beautiful healthy smile all year round. At Toombul Smiles we are dedicated to providing you with high quality dental services and treatments in line with your health fund. Please note that rebates will vary according to your health fund provider and your level of health care.


For fees and charges please get in touch with our friendly Brisbane dentists.


Dental Emergencies

We?ve all had that moment when a sudden toothache sets in. And it?s not pretty! That?s why our team of professional emergency dentists in Brisbane are available until 9pm on most days (by prior appointment). So don?t delay, as soon as you feel a toothache coming on give Toombul Smile Family Dentistry a call to make an emergency appointment.


Let us take care of it quickly so that you can get back to your beauty sleep. 


Offers & Promotions

We have a wide range of seasonal offers and promotions which are regularly updated. Fill in our online form to take advantage of our current offers at your next visit.


Caring For Your Smile With Good Oral Health

It is important to keep on top of you oral hygiene once Toombul Dentists have fixed any decay and infection. Following the below advice will ensure that your smile is kept in tiptop shape. After all, prevention is key!

  • Replace your toothbrush every three to four months,
  • When brushing, move the brush in small circles,
  • Use toothpaste with added fluoride,
  • Floss on a daily basis, preferably twice a day, morning and night,
  • Brush your tongue with the opposite side of a toothbrush as it?s a major source of bad breath,
  • Attend dental check ups at Toombul Smiles Family Dentistry every six months.


Remember we have all the dentist Brisbane services you require for a perfect smile. Make an enquiry with us today to see how we can provide you experienced, professional oral health services.


We want to be your leading dentist north Brisbane practice. As we are located centrally in Toombul Shopping Centre, those living in Chermside, Clayfield, North Lakes, Sandgate or looking for a Nundah dentist will find easy access and free parking!


So ensure you smile is the best it can be with Toombul Smiles Family Dentistry and contact us today!

Prefered Providers for : Smile.com, Defence Health, HCF and NIB


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