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Dental Check-Up and Cleans

As dentist Brisbane health professionals, we provide comprehensive dental check-ups to identify any oral health issues or concerns that that need attention, including fillings and plaque removal.


If you are in North Brisbane and require a Chermside, North Lakes, Clayfield or Nundah Dentist, come to our central located dentist clinic in Toombul, where we can assist with all your check up and teeth cleaning services.


Whether you haven't been to a dentist for a long time or are suffering from:

  • Bad breath
  • Bleeding gums
  • Require regular dental check-up


What to expect when you visit us for a dental check-up and clean

When you visit us for your dental check-up and clean, you can ensure that our professional and qualified dentist will do the very best job they can to get your teeth sparkling bright.


A check-up and clean appointment will involve checking the teeth to identify any oral health issues, followed by plaque removal, a thorough clean polish and fluoride treatment. You will have shiny clean teeth in no time.


Why you need a regular check-up and clean

It is always a good idea to visit our dentists regularly for a check-up and clean. There is no better way to keep on top of your oral health than to trust our qualified dentists to provide a far better clean than your average toothbrush every could.


A regular check-up also allows our dentists to identify any oral health concerns before they become major issues.


Preventative dental care tips

We have some helpful preventative dental care tips to share with you to keep your smile sparkling brighter for longer. First of all, remember to replace your toothbrush regularly. Every three to four months is recommended.


When using your toothbrush, move the brush in small circles while brushing. You should also use toothpaste which has fluoride added, floss daily morning and night and brush your tongue to assist with reducing bad breath.


Along with all of these preventative measures, it is also important to maintain a regular dental check up with us at Toombul Smiles Family Dentistry every six months.


Toombul Smiles offers preventative dentistry that can help prevent any unnecessary cost, pain and helps maintain good oral health. Get your professional dental check-up with us today.


Contact us to find out more.