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Crown and Bridge

When a tooth is damaged badly, a crown may be used to restore the entire tooth structure. This can be made of metal, porcelain or metal fused porcelain.


A dental bridge is a fixed alterative to replace a missing tooth. This is used to help close any gaps or replace a missing tooth.

Toombul Smiles is located in Toombul Shopping Centre, meaning we are your perfect dentist Clayfield, Nundah, and North Lakes professionals. If you need crown and bridge treatment and live in North Brisbane, we are ready to help today!


Dental Crown Procedure                                                                                                                              

Getting a crown fitted is a simple procedure that will make a huge difference to your oral health and restore your smile. If you will be having a crown fitted for your tooth, two visits will be required.


The first appointment will involve examining and preparing the tooth. The tooth would be numbed and it may be filed down to make room for the crown, or if some of the tooth is missing, filling material may be required to support the crown.


An impression of the area will then be made which will be used to manufacture an appropriate crown for your mouth. After the impression is complete, a temporary crown will be placed. The permanent crown will then be placed during the second visit and you will have a perfect smile once again.


Dental Bridge Procedure                                                                                                                          

Unlike a crown that is applied to one tooth, a dental bridge is made up of two or more crowns which is required to close a gap or replace missing teeth. Two visits are also involved for a bridge.


During this procedure the affected teeth are prepared in the first appointment which can involve removing some of the enamel to ensure the bridge can be placed over easily. An impression is also made and a temporary bridge is applied. Your bridge will then be manufactured and fitted during your next visit.


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