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After Hours Emergency Dentist Brisbane Appointments – Call Today

We've all woken up in the middle of the night with an overwhelming toothache. Our first thought is 'oh no, the dentist!' and our second thought is 'how quickly can I get to the dentist to stop the pain.' 


Boy in our Nundah dentist clinic receiving emergency treatment.

At Toombul Smiles we not only set aside a number of appointments every day for dental emergency patients but our after hours emergency dentist Brisbane service is also on hand to get to the source of the problem.


Our professional dentists have the training and skills to handle a wide range of dental emergencies that can be very distressing for our patients. If you find going to the dentist is a little scary, don't stress.


Here at Toombul Smiles, we take great pride in looking after anxious clients by providing a relaxing and safe environment. If you require a dentist in north Brisbane, such as Nundah, Clayfield, North Lakes and all surronding suburbs, we can help you! Our team is here to make you feel at ease, so that we may fix the issue and get you feeling 100% again. 


A few of the common dental emergencies that require swift action include-

  • Knocked out or dislodged tooth
  • Chipped or broken tooth
  • Teeth pain
  • Gum pain
  • Lost filling
  • Severe pain due to wisdom tooth


What To Do In A Dental Emergency

The very first thing you should do in a dental emergency is contact your after hours emergency dentist Brisbane professionals. Our first task will be to get you into our practice as soon as possible so that you don't have to put up with any unnecessary pain. No matter where you are located in North Brisbane, if you need a chermside, clayfield or nundah dentist for emergency assistance, Toombul Smiles should be your only choice.


However, if you cannot call right away, there are a few things that you can do to minimise your own pain, or that of a family member. 



Majority of the time when you experience tooth or gum pain there is an underlying problem. It is best to have this treated by a professional at the very first sign of pain.


If you leave it for too long it can worsen over time and a more drastic measure might be required that wasn't needed previously. Also, if treated early you can almost guarantee that it will be cheaper and less painful; both things are great to hear when heading to the dentist!


If you have been woken up in the middle of the night with a toothache chances are you will require an extraction or root canal. We understand that this is very painful and we want you to be in the best hands possible to get rid of the pain quickly. That's why you should trust Toombul Smiles for your root canal treatment Brisbane procedure.


There are a few steps you can take to lessen the pain brought on by a toothache.  These are-

  • Rinse your mouth out with salty warm tap water
  • Gently floss around the painful tooth to remove any left over food that maybe applying pressure to the gums
  • Take painkillers for temporary relief.


As always, contact Toombul Smiles as soon as possible so that we can get you feeling good again. Our aim is to always make you feel comfortable by eliminating the pain first and then fixing the underlying issue.



Knocked Out Tooth

Usually a tooth is knocked out while playing sports but it can also happen in a freak accident. As we need to do everything we can to save your original tooth, we've put together a few tips on what to do if you lose a tooth.  

  • If the tooth comes out whole with the root, lightly wash it in water or milk to get rid of any visible dirt. Make sure not to touch the root as this may damage it and make it impossible to reattach.
  • Once clean, place the tooth back into the socket paying close attention to return it facing the correct way. If this can be done reasonably quickly you will have a better chance of saving your tooth.
  • If you can't place the tooth back in, wash it with milk or water and then place the clean tooth into a container of milk or your saliva. Placing it in water runs the risk of damaging the root surface.
  • If you lose a baby tooth there is no need to place it back in the socket.  In fact, this could cause permanent damage to the emerging tooth.  


Broken or Chipped TEmergency dentist tooth and medical logo.ooth

A broken tooth is one that has the inside of the tooth completely open and allows bacteria to enter which can result in an infection.


A broken tooth is much more likely to be chipped as it already has a weakness and a chipped tooth is not very attractive while it can also cause bad breath.


It's a good idea to try and find the broken piece of tooth as it may be possible for it to be reattached. If it can't be found, our after hours emergency dentist Brisbane service can repair the tooth via the use of veneers or crowns.


While you are there perhaps you might like to discuss the use of veneers for a misaligned or discoloured smile.  


Children’s Emergency Dentist

Children are known for their curious nature and this does tend to get them into trouble at times. It can often lead to tooth injury due to a fall or knock. One third of infants and toddlers aged between 18 and 40 months, have suffered some form of accidental tooth damage so important to know what to do when it does occur.


In case your little one has a dental emergency, it is essential that you have the contact information of an outstanding after hours emergency dentist Brisbane practice. Remember if a milk tooth is chipped or knocked out, there is no need to try and reattach it. In fact, this can do more damage than good.  Toombul Smiles will work quickly to make sure we have the best chance of not causing permanent damage.


It is popular belief that milk teeth and dental trauma to them can not adversely effect children’s permanent teeth. This simply is not the case. 


Any injury to infant teeth can most certainly have negative effects on their gums and their adult teeth; this includes decayed milk teeth.


So it is very important to see a dentist as soon as your child complains of a toothache or you suspect that something isn’t right. Better yet, make visiting a dentist a biannual family event, as this will make sure that everyone has a healthy smile.



Emergency Dental Appointments - Just A Phone Call Away

Our north Brisbane practice at Toombul Smiles is a family clinic, that has the capability of looking after your whole family. So next time you need an emergency dental procedure, make sure to give us a call to arrange a during or out of hours appointment.


If you require Toombul, Clayfield or Nundah dentist assistance, our friendly team offers services most days until 9pm by prior appointment. We have assisted many all over North Brisbane with emergency dentist procedures, being only a phone call away. Teeth pain is unpredictable and requires quick action, so we want to make sure that our friendly team is there for your dental emergency.


Don’t wait any longer if you are experiencing teeth or gum pain. Contact the after hours emergency dentist specialists at Toombul Smile Family Dentistry today and see how we can fix your dental issues in our dentist north Brisbane clinic.