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Our Dentist North Brisbane Services

At Toombul Smiles Family Practice we offer more than just a simple check-up and clean. As your leading dentist north Brisbane practice, we offer a wide range of professional oral health services and procedures to address all dental issues and improve your smile. Our dentists are able to perform root canals, fillings and extractions as well as preparing and fitting crowns and bridges to restore your smile.


Our qualified dentists are also available and equipped to handle any dental emergencies, so if you need a dentist in North Brisbane fast, we have got you covered. Take the time to have a look at all of our services and procedures below and discover why Toombul Smiles Family Dentistry has everything as your local dentist covering North Brisbane.Man cleaning his teeth at our dentist north Brisbane clinic.


We provide premuium North Brisbane dental services including:


Dental Emergencies

Our professional team of dentists are on hand for you if an emergency dental situation arises. The emergency afterhours services are available for you via appointment until 9pm most days. As your dentist north Brisbane emergency practice, you don’t have to suffer in pain, waiting for help!


Our Dental Emergencies page will provide you with helpful information on what you should do in a dental emergency and how to best handle the situation prior to your visit to our dental office. We also have specific information on dental emergencies for children available to you.


We have also put together a comprehensive list of common dental emergencies so that you are aware of oral concerns that should be taken seriously. Our list includes various complaints including injuries, infections and other uncommon issues most people may be unaware of. If you are not sure if your tooth complaint is considered an emergency or not, be sure to take a look at this page.


 Servicing dental work on a patient in our dentist Clayfield office.

Check Up and Clean

The best way to prevent any major dental issues is to book in for a regular check-up and clean to keep those pearly whites sparkling bright. Come see the dentists in North Brisbane who make the process accessible: Toombul Smiles!


Our check-up and clean page will tell you everything you need to know about a check-up and clean appointment so you know exactly what to expect when you come to see us. Find out why a regular check-up and clean is always a good idea for your oral health and discover how your mouth and teeth will benefit for keeping up with regular check-up appointments.


You may also be surprised to learn that there are many specific oral health issues which can be cleared up easily during a simple check-up and clean appointment.


In this page you can also learn all about preventative dental care where we provide you with great tips to improve your oral hygiene. We also explain why oral hygiene is so important for your overall health.Our oral hygiene tips will help to prevent any nasty tooth problems and following this up with a regular check-up and clean appointment is the best way to ensure you have healthy teeth.


Be sure to have a read of the information we have available, providing you with everything you need to keep your oral health is in check.


Fillings and Extraction

If you need a filling to restore decaying teeth or if your tooth needs to come out, take the time to look at our fillings and extraction page to find out what you can expect when you book in for an appointment. Discover the benefits of fillings, find out how this procedure is performed and learn all about how our tooth coloured fillings are made to match the colour of your teeth to help bring back your brilliant smile.


If you think you will need a tooth extraction, this page will show you what tooth complaints and issues will require an extraction as well as explain the options available to you to replace the missing tooth.


As professional dentists in North Brisbane, we want to provide you with as much information as possible about these procedures so you are at ease and understand what you can expect before you visit us.


Root Canals

If decay, trauma or an injury has affected your tooth, a root canal will help save the tooth and your smile. Our root canals page will advise all of the options available to you for this procedure, what is involved to ensure your tooth is saved and how we repair the tooth so that it will no longer be an issue for you.

A tooth extracted from a paitent in our dentist North Lakes clinic.


You can also find out what a root canal is, how many appointments you may require for the procedure as well as the types of trauma or injury that may result in a root canal needing to be performed. Make sure your dentist in north Brisbane is experienced, make sure you contact Toombul Smiles.


Put your mind at ease before making your root canal appointment by reading through the information available to you before your visit so you know exactly what to expect.


Crown and Bridge

A crown will be needed if your tooth is severely damaged and a filling is unable to be filled, while a bridge is used to replace missing teeth and close any gaps. Our crowns and bridge page will show you the different types of crowns and bridges we have available to you. Be sure to put your mind at ease by reading about what is involved in the procedure to have a crown or bridge shaped and fitted for your specific needs.


Learn what a dental crown and bridge is and what the difference is between a crown and a bridge. You can also read specific information on each option including when you would need to get a crown or a bridge fitted, how a crown can be used to restore a tooth’s structure and how a bridge helps to close gaps in your teeth.


We also provide information on how a crown and bridge can improve your smile as well as how both crowns and bridges can have a positive impact on the function of your teeth and mouth.


Crowns and bridges can make a huge difference to your smile so take the time to look over this information and find out if a crown or bridge could be the best option for your oral health and appearance.


Child Dental Benefit Schedule

Find out here if your children could be eligible for the Child Dental Benefit Schedule. The Child Dental Benefit Schedule is an Australian Government initiative which will provide funded benefits for general dental services for children.


We have all of the details you need including information on what services can be provided under this benefit such as check-ups, x-rays, fillings and extractions. We also provide information on what is involved for the eligibility test, how much money you could save and how the benefit can be obtained.


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to bring your children in for a clean and check-up thanks to this Government initiative.



The Dentist North Brisbane Professionals

We hope that this information will put you at ease for your next dental appointment with us. All dental procedures and services in our family practice are offered to you at an affordable price with friendly and professional Dentists and staff who will make you feel part of the family.


If you need any more information on any of these topics or procedures, please be sure to contact us directly via phone or email. Our friendly team will be happy to speak with you regarding any queries or concerns you may have. We look forward to seeing you as your dentist North Brisbane specialists.